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The modern way of scalp care

Our hair has a decisive influence on how we are perceived by others. We perceive full, shiny hair as well-groomed and an indication of health. To care for hair and keep it clean and healthy is a basic step of body care. But consumers are also increasingly aware that the health and balance of the scalp is essential for healthy hair. The condition of our scalp is affected by stress, hormonal imbalances, diet and external aggressions such as pollution or hairstyling. These factors can influence the scalp microbiome and lead to an imbalance resulting in scalp irritation, discomfort and dandruff.

Dandruff is a multifaceted problem where sebum production, microbial composition of the scalp and inflammatory processes inside the scalp’s skin play an important role. It easily gives the impression of an unhygienic and unhealthy look. The impact on those affected is immense. Apart from the annoying flakes, the scalp is also often irritated, oily and itchy. In addition to the physical effects, the psychological consequences should not be underestimated. Dandruff is nearly impossible to hide and has a major negative impact on self-esteem and well-being. The level of suffering is high and just as high are the expectations of those affected. To solve the problem is clearly most important.

Natural alternatives

As it is such a common phenomenon, dandruff is a highly relevant problem for a wide range of consumers. Even if the effectiveness of products against dandruff is clearly in the foreground, the modern consumer is also strongly influenced by other considerations. The decision to purchase a product is strongly influenced by the nature and perceived safety of its ingredients. Apps which help the consumer to evaluate the ingredients contained, have gained popularity lately and will continue to be popular in the future. The perfect product works and is just as safe for the environment as it is for the consumer. Modern consumers are interested in the influence a product has both on their own health and the environment.

This offers space for new natural alternatives to the tried and tested active anti-dandruff ingredients. Classic anti-dandruff active ingredients such as Piroctone Olamine or Zinc Pyrithione with antifungal effect have proven themselves on the market due to their effectiveness against dandruff and are now widely used. Natural ingredients supporting the scalp microbiome have great appeal to the consumer, but there is no room for compromise in their performance. A natural active ingredient has to solve the problem of those affected at least as well. This is especially true with dandruff.


Men – an important target group

Men produce more male hormones, which play an essential role in the production of sebum. Therefore men suffer more from dandruff than women. This makes them an important target group when it comes to developing anti-dandruff products. But what do men expect from their products?

Unlike women, men want to spend as little time as possible on their grooming ritual. Therefore, products should be easy to use and ideally combine several steps in one. Even when buying personal care products, men like it easy. They are generally much more loyal to brands and products. However, this has a lot to do with convenience. A product that has been bought once and has served its purpose is often bought again and again.

Aside from basic cleansing, most men don’t buy a skin care product until they have a problem. Then they look for a solution. The perceived effectiveness of a product is therefore high on the list for men. Since men don’t want to spend too much time on product selection, proven effectiveness and simple, clearly understandable product claims are important in order to attract them. Sustainability, safety and health are messages that also get across.


Time for new products

In order to convince men of the benefits of new active ingredients, the message of pure anti-dandruff effect can be supplemented to the effect that a healthy scalp that is in balance is important for the hair follicles and thus for healthy hair growth. In this way, claims on microbiome support can also find favor with men.

With increasing awareness of how important the scalp is for healthy hair, the trend has developed towards scalp care making use of many well-known formats and claims from skin care. We are seeing more serums, micellar cleansers, scrubs, and masks in this area. While women follow this trend, men tend to stick to classic products. The ideal product for men is a shampoo that at the same time optimally cares for the scalp and works against dandruff. Ingredients should be natural, proven to be effective and the message should be clear about benefits. There is no room for compromise here.


Natural effectiveness without compromise

With CutiBiome CLR™ we developed a natural anti-dandruff ingredient that works both in simple products with multiple benefits and in innovative formats and guarantees highly effective problem solving. The combination of natural active ingredients based on ancient wisdom and next generation science creates trust in two ways – through familiarity and scientific expertise.

CutiBiome CLR™ is highly effective against dandruff, oiliness and itching. In studies performed by us, we were able to show that CutiBiome CLR™ is just as effective against dandruff as Piroctone Olamine and that oiliness and itching of the scalp were reduced even more. Additionally, microbiological studies have shown that CutiBiome CLR™ helps restore a healthy scalp microbiome, while Piroctone Olamine does not. These results make CutiBiome CLR™ a modern, natural alternative in scalp care to trust – without compromise.



Nathalia Gruber

Director Marketing & Corporate Communications