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We care about our products

What makes a good product? Theoretically speaking, a good product solves a problem or satisfies a demand. The product itself must be useful to the buyer or consumer. But your product will probably not be successful, if the problem you are solving is easily solved in other ways.

CLR has been successful in providing products that respond to a certain demand already in the past. Since the early 1950s CLR has been developing innovative, natural and high-quality cosmetic active ingredients for skin and hair care and launched quite a number of successful products. What makes CLR’s products special?

First of all, our communication channels are short and decision-making paths flexible. All parts of the products development workflow, from ingredient discovery, to formulation, production, quality control, regulatory and marketing are well connected. And we always listen to the problems and expectations of our customers.

CLR Products have a purpose

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and, after our brain, the most intelligent and dynamic organ we have. Cosmetics contribute to a better quality of life through a positive sense of wellbeing. We care for the body with goal-oriented and effective active ingredients with the aim to be relevant for the consumer, always backed by scientific studies. And we value product performance as one of our key criteria.

The skin care and hair care market are immense. Thousands of brands provide endless options for every conceivable skin or hair care concern. At the same time consumers are very informed nowadays as well as demanding, they want a product to provide more than basic skin or hair care. How to present a clear point of difference and satisfy their demands? It has to be a product with a tailored concept.


Research and Development never stops

R&D is the basis of all that we do. One of the most important focuses in our research is to develop products which have real relevance for the cosmetic market and which have potent activity. We are also always focusing on developing products with new approaches to cosmetic ‘challenges’ and even defining new cosmetic ‘challenges’ ourselves.

This requires a lot of expertise. Cosmetic science is not just about mixing different ingredients and (microbiological) stability of the end product. A good cosmetic scientist has knowledge about dermatology and hair technology, where relevant. The regulatory aspects of the cosmetic industry should be known and she or he should also have a comprehension of the marketing side of the cosmetics industry. Understanding toxicology and microbiology are other important traits.

Constant extensive research in dermatological, biochemical and cell biological literature and presence at scientific congresses is a must. We can count on modern methods and technology, e.g. a well-equipped in-house cell lab, where a broad range of experiments on skin cells and skin models can be performed. After in-vitro claim substantiation we confirm activity in in vivo studies with scientifically valid study protocols. Co-operation with external institutes and universities helps in the process of developing new products, but also in gathering new data on existing products. It is always our goal to combine a scientific with a practical approach. Project management is important for our research and in the co-operation with our partners.


Using the right ingredients

A successful cosmetic product starts with the selection of the right ingredients. To nurture innovation, we believe in using the right ingredients in the smartest way possible. Only those ingredients which really work and help in gaining consecutive sales of a cosmetic product in the marketplace will be used, regardless of the “latest trends” to ensure consumer satisfaction.


Quality and Safety are essential

Committed to quality and safety, we ensure that our procedures comply to a frame of references in terms of safety and industry regulations. We introduced an integrated management system combining quality, environmental and social responsibility aspects in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA8000 and EFfCI GMP standards. Our quality policies are constantly upgraded to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations. We are regularly audited by major customers and our products have obtained several certifications, following certification standards such as ECOCERT, COSMOS or NATRUE.


The right concept

We provide our customers with technical and marketing assistance based on thorough knowledge of our products and their markets, basically with the background they need to make successful products that address their customers’ demands. Our application lab elaborates guideline formulations for their new projects and our technical managers are always ready to provide technical support.


The upshot

Maybe it is a combination of everything. We carefully select our ingredients, carefully process them and care about our customers’ demands.


And the future?

It is hardly surprising that, since our global world is changing rapidly, the cosmetics world is constantly changing, too. The COVID19 pandemic, for instance, has a large impact not only on our daily lives but on the cosmetic industry as well. Different aspects became important and the cosmetics manufacturers adapted to new market requirements fairly quickly.

There is still a lot to do. Anti-Aging cosmetic that works is something that will always have a high priority. Presently an answer that fully explains why some people age more slowly than others is not yet found. As long as consumers are interested in effective, safe products, cosmetic scientists will continue their research. And we will continue its in-depth research by targeting unmet, but essential skincare needs and their impact on quality of life to provide relief and a sustainable feeling of well-being.



Birgit Mammen

Marketing Coordinator PR & Exhibitions