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Why what we do is a matter close to our heart

We live in turbulent times, which are changing faster and faster and which constantly pose new challenges. Last but not least, this was made clear to us by the current Covid-19 crisis. These changes affect us as well as our customers and end consumers. With changing external conditions, the processes that lead to a purchase decision for consumers also change. We have been observing for a long time that the issues of sustainability and social responsibility are playing an increasing role, especially for younger generations. Consumers not only take a closer look at what is contained in their skin care products and how they are packaged, but also who is behind the products.

Consumer trust

A purchase decision is complex for consumers who want to live more sustainably. The better a brand can build trust through transparent communication, the easier it will be for the consumer. Ultimately, the consumer wants to feel comfortable with his decision and have the good feeling that he has done something good for himself and for the environment. The pandemic has done little to change that. But what has been added is a closer look by the consumer at the value of a product. Where many have to get by with less money or generally restrict their consumption in view of an uncertain future, a skin care product must be worth the consumer’s money, and that means first and foremost that it must work for him. Only then will he not only try out a product, but buy it again and make this product a lasting success. Because that can also mean sustainability – long-term economic success through high customer satisfaction and, in the best case, high level of identification with the brand.

But precisely that is anything but easy to achieve in a highly saturated market like the cosmetics market with constantly changing trends and new product launches. How do I give the consumer orientation in a flood of new products and make it clear to them why they should buy a special product? How do I manage to bring a successful product onto the market that does not blindly follow the latest trends, but meets consumer needs in such a way that it is bought again and again? Supporting our customers in answering these central questions is the starting point of our self-image.


The value of a reliable partner

Times are changing rapidly. A reliable partner is all the more important. As a privately owned company, we have the independence to live our values and respond flexibly to the needs of our customers. Our customers, our products and our employees are equally in focus for us and have been for over 90 years. For us, transparency and integrity are further essential components of our company philosophy.

Sustainable management and responsible action are at the center of our self-image. We always strive to find a balance between economic, ecological and social needs in order to secure a sustainable future for our company and our employees. In our daily business, we combine profitability with safety, environmental protection, optimized use of energy and resources, and social responsibility.

We ensure that quality, occupational health and safety, plant safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency are guaranteed at all levels of our company through defined processes and have introduced an integrated management system that covers quality, environmental and social aspects in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA8000 and EFfCI GMP standards combine. This guarantees our customers a quality standard that they can rely on at all times.

In addition, we are valued by our customers for our comprehensive product documentation, which includes all relevant product information, which enables cosmetics manufacturers to use our products with the necessary security.


Conscious and responsible management

Berlin is our home and we are committed to our city as a business location. Here we are an active member of the neighborhood network and work more closely with local partners wherever possible. In addition, we not only support social projects across regional borders, but also deliberately support projects in our home town.

We are a responsible employer who ensures good and competitive working conditions through long-term planning and conscious management. We support our employees as best we can in their development in the company and proudly look back on an above-average length of service of our employees, because they are the guarantee of our success.

Just like the selection of the right employees and their satisfaction are decisive for our success, the selection of the right active ingredients is decisive for the success of a cosmetic product. It is our common mission at CLR to supply the cosmetics industry with active ingredients of the highest quality that are natural, effective, relevant to the consumer and safe.


Commitment to research and development

Research and development have always been our foundation. From the very beginning, we were successful with our pioneering work involving cosmetic actives. Putting our expertise into creation rather than imitation to develop innovative products, we allow consumers to reap the fruits of the latest scientific research.

To achieve this, we have a well-equipped in-house cell lab where we can perform a broad range of experiments on skin cells and skin models. After a claim has been substantiated in vitro, it is our principle to confirm product activity in vivo with scientifically valid study protocols. This is done in close co-operation with scientists, universities, clinics and private research institutions. Numerous patents and patent applications, in many countries, confirm our innovative achievements.

Sustainable raw materials and scientifically proven active processes are the starting point of our product development and are an essential part of our products. We are committed to the global Responsible Care Initiative and mainly use natural raw materials for our products. We are committed to complying with the CITES and Nagoya guidelines for product development and sourcing. We are always looking for and finding new ways to manufacture our products as environmentally friendly as possible.


We care for body, mind and nature

We are aware of our responsibility and ensure that our active ingredients make their contribution to formulating products that are not only good for the consumer, but also for our planet. We have a holistic and well-founded approach to responsible research.

We care for the body with goal-oriented and effective active ingredients with the aim to be relevant for the consumer, always backed by scientific studies.

We care for the mind by targeting unmet, but essential skincare needs and their impact on quality of life to provide relief and a sustainable feeling of well-being.

We care for nature as we use the most modern methods and technology available – for products which are potent, relevant, natural and safe. With a long tradition in the development of natural active ingredients, this approach is part of our identity.

All our experience and our quality standards are also reflected in our claim, which wonderfully sums up where we come from and what we stand for – very simple and yet true – for fine cosmetics since 1926.



Nathalia Gruber

Director Marketing & Corporate Communications