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Silver Agers – an overlooked generation

The generation of the Silver Agers is 55 plus today. Not only do they make up a significant proportion of the population in many countries around the world, they are also the target group with the highest disposable income. While the cosmetics industry is discovering menopausal women and has made them an important target group, the older Silver Agers over 65 are still often overlooked. In contrast to those who belong to the Millennials or Generation Z, they are more loyal to a brand and product. The older they are, the less likely they are to switch to other products and brands, regardless of the price. According to Mintel, the share of brand and product loyal consumers aged 75 and over is no less than 72%. Convincing them and winning them over as a customer is definitely attractive. This is, however, not easy.

They know what they want and don’t let themselves be seduced by fluffy marketing stories – especially since these are rarely tailored to them. Instead, they want to know what works and why and, in addition to their brand loyalty, they are very result-oriented.

What does the skin of 65 and over actually need?

With aging, the skin becomes thinner and drier. The skin increasingly loses its firmness and elasticity, and wrinkles start to appear. Added to dryness, wrinkles, the complexion of skin also plays an important role in our appearance. In addition, the immune capacity of the skin is increasingly being lost. This has very important implications for skin complexion. Skin damage is repaired more slowly, the skin is also irritated more quickly – it becomes more sensitive. Skin redness can occur. Due to the thinning skin, the blood vessels especially under the eyes also shine through more strongly, which can lead to greater visibility of dark circles. Also, age spots can become visible. All in all, the complexion becomes more uneven and also paler, which is not least due to the slowed down skin renewal. This makes people look tired and unhealthy.

As for Silver Agers, results are important. A perfect skin care routine has to address all their needs. Ideally, skincare products for Silver Agers should focus on supporting the skin renewal processes and immune capacity of the skin. With these approaches the overall quality and complexion of the skin will be improved. In addition, it is extremely helpful to provide intensive moisture and reduce wrinkles. In order to achieve this, skin irritation must be reduced on the one hand, but also the visibility of dark circles and age spots on the other.


Health is more important than appearance

So far, the scientific approach of skincare products for Silver Agers. Silver Agers are difficult to convince, though. What makes them special as a consumer of cosmetic products? How do products have to be positioned from a marketing point of view in order to convince Silver Agers?

First of all, they don’t necessarily want to look younger and they certainly don’t believe in miracles. According to Mintel, 68% of Silver Agers (65+) are embracing the aging process. They have a large focus on their physical health. This is not surprising, as health is increasingly a precious commodity in their age and is also perceived as such. This effect has increased even more due to the corona pandemic. More than any other generation, they also have a keen awareness of how physical health affects appearance. As a result, older adults seek products that offer both appearance- and health-related benefits, with that supporting their overall well-being.

According to Mintel, a full 76% of Silver Agers (65+) even state that health is more important to them than their appearance. In addition, 45% (75+) state that their beauty routine is simplified. This means that products should be as easy to use as possible and be multifunctional so that their care routine can be shortened and simplified. This does not mean that the care routine only consists of cleaning products, however. Only 18% (75+) state that they use care products for purely hygienic reasons.

So the interest in cosmetic products is definitely there. But do they feel well-catered to by the cosmetics industry?


Cosmetics can bring a little joy into everyday life

As already mentioned, younger Silver Agers, namely menopausal women are currently receiving quite a lot of attention by the cosmetics industry. Many companies, especially the global big players, are now working with brand ambassadors from the generation of Silver Agers and there has been a slow but steady shift from anti-aging to healthy aging messages in marketing for several years. Nevertheless, the older Silver Agers over 65 remain a target group that is often overlooked. And this is particularly reflected in the emotional components of cosmetics.

According to Mintel 48% of Silver Agers (65+) think that beauty products make them feel good about themselves and only 25% have fun using beauty products. There is great potential here for cosmetics manufacturers, because older people in particular are often restricted in their everyday lives and are more often alone. They suffer particularly from the many contact restrictions during the pandemic and feel lonely.

What could be better than if a cosmetic product could also bring a little joy into their everyday life?

Ideally, cosmetic products for the older Silver Agers are specially tailored to the needs of their skin and should be highly effective. Other important needs are multifunctionality and ease of use, with benefits which are clearly communicated and a focus on healthy appearance. This requires active ingredients with proven efficacy that support the skin in regaining its immune capacity, such as our ProRenew Complex CLR™, or in improving the overall structure of the skin, such as our MPC™ – Milk Peptide Complex.

But above all we should take a look, put people and their needs in the foreground and give them back the joy of cosmetics.



Nathalia Gruber

Director Marketing & Corporate Communications