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Female skin health – a hormonal skin cycle challenge

When thinking about female skin health, I do not only see myself as a professional who has been working in the cosmetics industry for a long time, but first and foremost as…

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Why what we do is a matter close to our heart

We live in turbulent times, which are changing faster and faster and which constantly pose new challenges. Last but not least, this was made clear to us by the current Covid-19 crisis….

The Clean Beauty Consumer

For a lot of people, a sustainable lifestyle is becoming the new normal. Younger consumers’ lifestyles are busy and full of challenges such as worries about climate change, pollution or being connected…

Explaining sensitive skin and how to deal with it

50% of all people perceive their skin to be sensitive. Their skin is hyperreactive and shows a strong reaction to even the smallest stress. Skin gets itchy, or experience burning or stinging…